Euroterminal's monopoly on travel to the port of Odessa will be challenged in court

Euroterminal's monopoly on travel to the port of Odessa will be challenged in court

Reported by a correspondent Ukrainian Information Service with reference to Antitrust League.

The Antimonopoly Committee has repeatedly fined Euroterminal for the fact that the company, which owns the only road to the port of Odessa, regularly increased fares. Private companies also appealed to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and that instructed the mayor Of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov deal with the monopoly and consider the option of building an additional road to the port. In the mayor’s office for a number of reasons the decision is slowed down this problem, and “Euroterminal” continues to receive permits and additional traffic flows.

It is noteworthy that the company “Euroterminal” from 2006 to 2010 was headed by a deputy from the party “Trust in business” Ludmila Barabbas, who later also became the coordinator of the public movement “Trust in business”. The company itself is registered on the British offshore, which is run by someone Pavel Lisitsyn.

At the same time through the owner of the dry port “Euroterminal”, the company “Hadjibey-2” and its beneficiary Oleg Alenchenko, there is a connection with all the well-known companies associated with the mayor of Odessa and deputies of his party “Trust in business”: “Rostdorstroy”, “Ukrtransgroup 2005”, “Elite-Story”, “Squaw” and others. In particular, himself Gennady Trukhanov lives at the same address where all these companies are registered – on the street. Genoese, 1a.

Now three forwarding companies – “Inter Trans Logistics”, “S.M.T. – LTD ”and Unimar Logistics – have filed a lawsuit against Euroterminal and demand to be reimbursed for transportation costs in double amount.

Companies are ready to fight for the restoration of justice. And we will do everything to help them convey to the monopolists a simple message: abuse must be held accountable, – the founder of the Antitrust League platform noted Agia Zagrebelskaya.

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